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Artichoke Spread

Plant for Nourishment

When we plant to nourish ourselves and our communities we, in turn, care for the soil and other natural resources.  We take less for granted. There is nothing more satisfying to me than growing, harvesting and cooking food, and I love to include edible plants in my designs.  

Holding Soil

Building Soil Health

Caring for the soil is one of the most important principles of sustainable gardening. Soil health is essential for bountiful, nutritious harvests and thriving communities. I use soil building techniques, natural mulches, fertilizers and organic matter to maintain healthy soil, the way nature intended.  


Permaculture Design

I have always been drawn to  Permaculture design principles that reflect nature's wisdom; gardens that inlcude perennial, annual, edible and ornamental species which thrive in relation to one another and transform from year to year. Herbs, flowers, fruits and vegetables all deserve a place in the garden.

Wild Berries

Native Species

Using plant species that are native to our region is important for local ecosystems. These plants provide food and habitat to local insect and animal populations, aid in erosion control, compete with aggressive, non-native species and add beauty and diversity to the landscape.  Their presence allows us to cultivate a deeper sense of place.

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