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Plant for Connection

The more deeply we connect with the natural world, the greater our understanding becomes of our place in it. We begin to see and seek commonality and collaboration rather than separateness and isolation. Creating and nurturing a garden is transformative. It is where healing begins.

Hands in the Soil

Dirty Hands

Dirty hands are evidence of a hard day's work and, with luck, the promise of a good night's rest. More importantly, touching the soil, smelling it's earthy scent, feeling it's texture, means connecting directly with the source of our sustenance.  

Girl Smelling Flowers

 Smelling the Roses

Perhaps considered cliche, yet as we rush around and are continually swept away by endless distractions, we might be wise to listen. Pausing, noticing and observing the world around us can only happen with attention and intention. A garden, by nature, demands it.

Holding Hands


Gardens create a sense of belonging. They draw attention, nourish us and are often the hub of a community, bringing people from all walks together. Each plant tells a story, which often elicits a sense of wonder and nostalgia. They remind us where we came from.

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